5 Recommendations for the Best Home Cleaning Services at Affordable Prices

https://jphospitalynr.com/ – For those who have busy activities, making time to clean the house is sometimes difficult to handle. If this is the case, using a house cleaning service can of course be an attractive solution. Apart from that, the service options and prices offered are quite diverse and can be adjusted according to your budget. Well, more or less where are the cleaning service suppliers? Here MomsMoney provides a reference for you. Therefore, if you don’t have time to clean your home, the solution is to hire a home cleaning service. Currently, there are many companies that offer house cleaning services in various services and locations.

If you are interested in renting one of them, here are references to cleaning services that you can request to make household chores easier. Finally, you don’t have to worry about having to look for cleaning services by asking friends or family. Another advantage is that the prices offered by cleaning service programs are also more open, so you can decide in advance whether to use their services or not. We have summarized several home cleaning services that you can order through the program online. Here’s the list.

Home Cleaning Service Options


The next home cleaning service is Cleaner. This house cleaning service is divided into two groups, namely daily cleaning and general cleaning. Daily cleaning is a type of service that cleans kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, office spaces, etc. It is suitable for houses with several rooms, such as Metland Siber City and New Villa Esperanza. And general cleaning is more detailed cleaning than daily cleaning.

House Cleaning Services – Sejasa Daily Cleaning

Sejasa provides house cleaning services with 3 advantages, namely same day service, professional washing, and complete equipment. Just as the name suggests, if you order same day service, employees from Sejasa will arrive on that day. Furthermore, the total number of professional washers under Sejasa’s protection reaches more than 500. Everyone is experienced.

So, Sejasa cleaning services always carry all the equipment, liquids and cleaning chemicals needed for the house cleaning process. As of this writing, Sejasa has served more than 200 homes every day. The service coverage is in Jakarta, Bogor, Bekasi, Surabaya, Depok, Tangerang, Bandung and Makassar. So, you can use this service if you need Jakarta house cleaning services or Bandung house cleaning services.

Home Clean Indonesia

Home Clean Indonesia is a house cleaning service that offers cleaning package options for all areas of the house, and can help with short or periodic cleaning. They offer additional services such as laundry, cleaning and sofa cleaning.

OK Home

OK Home is a Korean company that provides premium home cleaning services. There are several services offered by OK Home, one of which is: Cleaning, AC
service, maintenance, Fogging, Hydro Cleaning, vacuum Carwash


Haracare provides detailed house cleaning services, starting from cleaning the bedroom, living room, family room, kitchen and bathroom. Then, this service company provides office cleaning services covering work spaces, meeting rooms, lobbies, pantries and bathrooms. The duration of the Haracare task depends on the size of the location and the number of crew involved. For example, for a space of 50 meters. square with 1 crew, cleaning takes approximately 1.5 hours. To help with the process of cleaning the house, the Haracare crew will be given a vacuum cleaner, rag, cupboard, spray bottle, furniture polish, bowl cleaner and floor cleaner.