What Happens When You Eat a 500mg Edible, and Is That Even Legal?

The high from products that are chewed and swallowed may last longer than the high from products that are absorbed orally. The edible experience tends to differ from that of other cannabis products. The “high” from edibles can feel more intense, and it may last longer than the high you get from smoking. 100mg THC is considered as expert level, it is especially indicated for you if you have health conditions and if you take marijuana recreationally on a daily basis. With edibles and Gummies, we always advise starting low and slow, adjust by 5–10mg from one time to the next to discover where the best results for your tolerance. If you are not sure about the effect it will give you we suggest that you start with a small piece and wait for 2 hours.

The 10mg THC per serving, or 100mg THC per package, limits typically only apply if you’re buying recreational products. Those rules go out the window when we’re dealing with licensed medical products. It’s quite possible, even within the most mature cannabis markets, to legally purchase weed edibles containing 500mg THC or more.

Cannabis edibles tend to last longer than a simple smoke or vape sesh. The effects of an edible can last anywhere from 4 to 12 hours, depending on the person. Now that you’ve seen our chart, keep reading to learn more about the edible dosage that’s right for you.

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