Among all of our parrots this baby African grey parrot for sale is unique and most talkative. These species of parrots are now very popular pets on the market. One of the most popular subspecies is the Congo African grey, which can be found in West and Central African forests. If you fall in love with grey parrots, Talking Parrot Island is the perfect place to get African greys for sale. The parrots are very beautiful, intelligent, social and have many fun facts.

Bonobos pass morsels of meat to strangers, vampire bats barf blood into hungry relatives’ mouths, and canines will tap their snouts to touch screens to share sausages with packmates. We believe quality is the most important aspect to be considered when purchasing a parrot.We offer ongoing support with all our babies. We raise most types of macaws including hyacinth and all mutations.

In Cameroon, for example, the use of chemical substances and catapults to shoot Grey parrots have been documented, along with the use of handheld explosives to kill flocks of parrots at feeding sites (Tamungang, 2016). This suggests that some level of direct killing of parrots for the trade in parrot derivatives does occur. The extent to which these two trades are integrated is a significant knowledge gap that will need to be addressed to help determine the degree of threat it poses to wild populations. In particular, more research is needed to identify the extent to which the supply and demand for Grey parrot derivatives for belief-based use is driven by the number of parrots dying during the process of capture and trade for the pet market. In addition, in order to fully understand the animal welfare implications of this trade, more research is needed to identify how Grey parrots used in belief-based medicine are slaughtered and prepared.

Craigs Exotic Parrots Farm’s mission is to promote responsible bird breeding for species survivability and to increase companion pet ownership. Our speciality is handfed parrots from day one, baby parrots & fertile parrot eggs. Save big on the most popular categories African Grey talking parrots. When choosing a talking African grey parrot for sale, it is important to consider the bird’s needs.

In addition, he said, people need to be aware that these birds can live for up to 65 years and that in the wild they’re very social, flying in large flocks and covering several miles a day. They’re highly interactive, forming close bonds with each other and within their social groups. A CITES proposal is now circulating among African gray parrot range states calling for a total ban on all trade of wild-caught parrots.