Most recycling yards have skilled machines which might be designed to strip giant quantity of wires within the shortest time period. Well you resolve what works for you higher after this fast mathematical break down. Copper is among the most dear metals out there when it comes to scrap collection and recycling. With an infinite recyclable life, copper is used and reused in motors, computers, development, industrial equipment and more. Whether you’re a collector or dealer of scrap in a hobbyist, part-time or professional capability, a dependable technique of sourcing high quality copper scrap is a good factor to have. Copper wire is value almost 3 instances on the scale when it’s stripped.

12-gauge wire has 75% copper restoration, so after you would possibly be carried out stripping your wire you find yourself with seventy five lbs. Of copper and 25% of plastic garbage that you have to determine the means to dispose of. Here is the cash break down (we are going to use today’s market costs for the following calculation). The means it is with insulation, that may translate in to $130.00 for your 100lbs of 12-gauge wire, without stripping it. If you have been to strip it, your 75lbs of copper would deliver you $1.90 per pound $142.50 the distinction between stripping and selling it the way it was can be $12.50. So you’ll internet $12.50 from stripping 100lbs of 12-gauge wire, at this point it’s your choice if you ought to do it or not.

wiring - Electrical: How do I connect copper ground wire to metal wire ...250mcm-750mcm wire has 90% copper restoration, so let’s use identical one hundred lbs. Watch your fingers and good luck with whatever you resolve to do. So copper wire recycling value depends on the type of copper scrap. Feel free to name us if you wish to promote your metallic however can’t decide the sort of your waste. Require a scrap metal choose up service or fill within the form on the contact page.

The separate copper has wide application on the metallic buying and selling market. It can be utilized as raw materials as an alternative of electrolytic copper to manufacture metallurgical products, copper foil and copper clad laminates. While the value for copper tends to be higher than different metals, not all copper is identical, and the value offer you receive is essentially dependent on its grade. Here, we focus on the different grades of copper scrap and what they mean.

It refers completely to bare, uncoated and unalloyed wire or cable – no thinner than sixteen gauge in thickness – which is of #1 copper high quality. #1 copper is the second most profitable kind of scrap copper to trade-in. To be classified as #1, the copper ought to be comprised of bus bars, clippings, commutator segments and scrap wire of at least 1/16th of an inch in diameter.